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Easy like Sunday morning

Good morning! How are you today? It’s Sunday morning and I always imagine Sundays as these cosy, warm days, when you can stay in bed until 11am, have a delicious avocado toast for breakfast with your boyfriend/girlfriend (listening to Norah Jones’ “jazzy” voice in the background), go to your favorite coffee shop with your friends, rest after the whole busy week and prepare yourself for the adventures and new beginnings of the next one.

In reality, I woke up at 8am, had only 5h sleep last night, but I promised myself to get up early today, because I really needed to study... So I came to my favorite coffee place – and I guess this is the only box that I can tick from my “perfect Sunday” description…

I’ve been EXTREMELY BUSY & STRESSED lately. For REAL. So if you are reading it today, the only thing that I wish for you (and for myself I guess haha) is that I hope life treats you well and you are happy. I can’t say life didn’t treat me great lately, but I guess I’m just feeling slightly tired, miserable and overwhelmed about everything what is happening around.

On a more positive note, my birthday week has officially begun! I literally just realised that it may be my last post as a 23-yo and I’m not gonna lie - it feels weird. I just don’t feel like turning 24…. AT ALL.

This year has been the best and the worst at the same time. Ok, I’m probably exaggerating a little, but it really was CHALLENGING. However, it gave me lots of new friends, opportunities, lessons and chances to grow. So actually, maybe it wasn’t bad at all. My summer in Portugal was an absolute HIGHLIGHT and the best time I’ve EVER had, but the rest of the year was just chaotic/crazy/busy/quite sad at times. You can’t even imagine how much I wish I was in Lisbon right now, enjoying my morning coffee at Portas do Sol and listening to “Sunrise” by Norah Jones.

Anyway, I need to study now. Wish me luck.

And I wish you a beautiful Sunday!!!



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