It’s Tuesday night, I’m sitting in my living room and listening to Lewis Capaldi’s songs on repeat. I was supposed to finish writing my thesis about Gen Z’s perception towards slow fashion, but instead I was chatting on the phone with one very sassy young lady (read: m...



I need to admit - this is a quite eventful year. 

After an extremely busy January, chaotic February and very uncertain March, I’m impatiently waiting what April has to offer (actually I’m excepting some news, hopefully very positive ones). 

I remember the first time when...



Good morning! How are you today? It’s Sunday morning and I always imagine Sundays as these cosy, warm days, when you can stay in bed until 11am, have a delicious avocado toast for breakfast with your boyfriend/girlfriend (listening to Norah Jones’ “jazzy” voice in the...



Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had. I love how unpredictable life could be… If only 4 months ago, someone's told me, that I will end up spending my summer in Portugal - I’d probably laugh, not believing it at all. Right now,...



Do you know this feeling, when the song becomes your favorite, just because you have so many memories with it? When it reminds you of people that were important to you at some particular time? When it makes you want to go back in time and live some moments again and ag...



What does it mean to YOU to live in Europe? Freedom, mobility, solidarity, commitment? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Being European means having our voices heard.

As we all know, the European Elections are happening now. Have you already voted? A...



Life has been great lately. I am really happy. However, during the last few months, I went through an emotional rollercoaster (yes, let’s call it this way). Lots of ups and downs, I’ve been facing difficulties literally in every single sphere of my life. My love life w...



I truly believe that everything in life happens for a reason. Right now, I am on the plane to Frankfurt, very excited for another amazing EuroPeers adventure!

However, everything started during the summer last year, when one of my friends from University – Alexandra, in...



Copenhagen is all about minimalism. Minimalistic architecture, interiors and street style – I can easily confirm this is a part of Danish culture. Why do I mention it? Because I’ve been always interested in minimalism in terms of fashion and aesthetics, however lately...



The time has come and my Parisienne and I, went for another adventure together. This time we decided to go to the third biggest city in Spain – Valencia. Why there? Well, we found these super inexpensive flight tickets and we couldn’t resist - WE HAD to buy it, just as...



Welcome back in the new year! I know, I have disappeared for almost three months, but I am back with new energy and my new year’s resolution is to be here at least once a week. I really want to keep that promise, firstly for myself – let’s see if I can organise myself...



I’ve just discovered that looking back at your summer photos during the rainy October evenings is not the best way to fight the autumn blues.

It feels like the summer this year went by far too fast. I still remember my excitement in May, right after finishing writing th...



They say, that the best things happen, when you least expect it. I have to say, that I absolutely agree with it. Just as I didn’t expect to fall in love with the city of tulips, I also didn’t expect, that Peter and I, will become such a good friends, when I met him for...



Opera singing is the biggest passion of my best friend Liz. A few days ago, she offered me to join her in one of the singing classes she’s attending at the Music Academy in Łódź. I didn’t have to think much to say YES! The idea of hearing my friend singing live and als...



Italy is definitely my happy little planet. Delicious food, friendly people and breathtaking views – these are just some of the attractions that the country located on the Apennine Peninsula has to offer. Even though, I’m trying to travel as often as possible and each...

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