Welcome back in the new year! I know, I have disappeared for almost three months, but I am back with new energy and my new year’s resolution is to be here at least once a week. I really want to keep that promise, firstly for myself – let’s see if I can organise myself better and fight this terrible monster called “procrastination”.

I’m feeling super excited for this year. Not only, because...


Three days ago, I came to Poland to celebrate Easter with my family. Yesterday, when I was waiting for my little sister, I went to Empik to check out some books. Immediately, I paid attention to one pink cover. “Hmm, that’s a nice design” – I thought to myself. I looked at the title, and big, purple letters proudly presented the caption “God in the city”. Interesting. I think, I’ve alread...


I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Every time when you meet someone new, at the beginning, you never really know why you have met that person. You don’t know, what’s their purpose in your life, if you’re going to have crazy adventures together, or maybe just end up knowing each other from the school corridor? If you’re going to learn something new from them, or they will learn...

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