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The best is yet to come

Life has been great lately. I am really happy. However, during the last few months, I went through an emotional rollercoaster (yes, let’s call it this way). Lots of ups and downs, I’ve been facing difficulties literally in every single sphere of my life. My love life was pretty awful, I had some health issues that I was really stressed about (especially last month) and there was tones of Uni work that I was willing to complete to a high standard. Right now, when I’m writing it, I’m in a lovely café in London and just feeling very proud of myself. Proud of everything that I have managed to accomplish during last months, even though I wasn’t feeling 100% great all the time.

I feel like there is so many things that I should write about. But let’s start from the beginning. My latest post was from Liverpool and this trip was in February. Wow (I should be ashamed now, because my consistency with blogging is quite DRAMATIC). In March, I went to personal coaching workshops in London and that was probably one of the best decisions, that I’ve ever made. Then in April, I was attending the European Conference in Frankfurt and in a meanwhile, I’ve joined the Toastmasters club. In between working, writing my assessments, being depressed (joking) and applying for different internships, I went home for Easter and later on, to Manchester for another amazing event. I’ve just realised, that I have at least five blog posts ready, but I just need to add some photos… Anyway, I’m really hoping to get more organised soon. In a meanwhile, I would like to tell you, that there are very exciting changes coming and I literally can’t wait to start the new chapter.

PS Should I keep writing in English and Polish, or just in English? Please let me know xxx

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