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Closing time

Do you know this feeling, when the song becomes your favorite, just because you have so many memories with it? When it reminds you of people that were important to you at some particular time? When it makes you want to go back in time and live some moments again and again. One of my favorite songs is Closing Time by Semisonic. Do you know this song? I really hope you do.

For the first time, I’ve listened to it during my holidays in Rome in 2016. Probably I’ve heard that before, but for the first time, I have actually listened to the lyrics during that one night in Rome, sitting in my friend’s car on our way back to the Eternal City. I was caught in thoughts, thinking about everything - the birthday party at the beach, that we were at that evening, Lorenzo's friends, my joyful days in Italy and little hope to stay there forever ( I didn’t even want to think about coming back to Scotland in a few days… ). And suddenly, I heard the lyrics of “Closing Time” playing on the radio and I smiled, because it was perfectly describing my melancholic mood in exactly that moment. Bitter-sweet...

On the other hand, this song really reminds of the summer last year. Actually, maybe even more about the summer last year... Lots of memories. I’m always having mixed feelings when I listen to it. Sometimes I’m really happy, like today, and other times, I’m really sad. I just can’t help it.

Right now, I’m both – happy and sad. I’m happy, because I’m going do my internship in Lisbon, the new adventure is about to begin and no matter what – I know it will be amazing – new country, new people, fantastic weather and delicious food – Portugal is literally calling me.

On the other hand, I’m sad, because I’ve really enjoyed the last year with all its challenges, ups and downs.. And I would consider the summer of 2018 as THE BEST summer of my life so far. Even though, last months were very difficult and stressful to me and at some point I can't wait to change the environment and start the new chapter, it feels a bit strange to start all over again.

But as the lyrics say:

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Sometimes you just need to let go of good things, so better things can come.

Sometimes all you can do is to trust life and let it happen.

Dear Edinburgh, I will miss you.

Dear Lisbon, I can’t wait to see you.

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