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Stay at home

I need to admit - this is a quite eventful year.

After an extremely busy January, chaotic February and very uncertain March, I’m impatiently waiting what April has to offer (actually I’m excepting some news, hopefully very positive ones).

I remember the first time when I saw the news about coronavirus. It was 6th of January and the first day of my internship at Holyrood PR. I was concerned, however I didn’t really think this is going to spread so fast and affect almost everyone in the world. Two months later and most of the countries are on the lockdown. Wow.

It feels quite unusual to suddenly have so much time on my hands. I remember my busy schedule in January, when I was silently praying for days off, and when these actually happened (only twice in the entire month), I still had to write assessments or work on my dissertation. Today it’s the 15th day in a row that I’m home and I’m trying my best not to go crazy. During the first few days I felt so lazy and unproductive. It was horrible! However, I decided to take the control of my life again and use this time to finish my assessments, declutter my wardrobe, write my journal, read all the books that I never had time to finish, meditate, exercise, learn new things and reflect on my life. To be honest, the last one makes me feel quite emotional… It suddenly feels like everything is over. Uni got suspended and lots of my friends have already left Edinburgh for good. We didn’t even have a chance to say “bye”, because things happened so fast.

This kind of events always make me think “Will I see them again?”.

Some of them – FOR SURE (sooner or later), the rest – I don’t know. It’s crazy how you never know when you see someone for the last time. And many times, you don’t even think it may be the last time.

At the same time, I can’t wait to finish this degree and start another exciting chapter of my life.

Stay healthy and safe!

PS I know this post is a bit all over the place, but my mind is a bit chaotic at the moment. I have also realised this was my longest break ever. Over 4 months… Life is crazy.



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