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November Baby

It’s already November – my birthday month! It’s also the 6th week that I’m back home in Poland. This is the longest I’ve been home since 2014! So if you ask me how it feels, except the fact that I miss the craziness of my usual life, I also find it calming, inspiring and refreshing at the same time. Overall, not too bad I guess.

Before writing the first sentence, I was actually thinking if I should use the words “back home”, somehow it didn’t look right to me. I remember my friends’ reaction when I first told them that I’m thinking about going home for a few months. They were all asking me “But are you moving back to Poland for good?”. So to clarify everything, I’m not planning to stay here for too long. However, I’m rather treating this time as a therapy, a little break from my usual life, which was pretty messed up during the last few months.

This was partly the reason why I wasn’t here since April and trust me, ironically, this year I’ve been moving around more than ever before in my entire life. Also, so far this year taught me one important thing “be careful what you wish for”. I remember being super busy last year and wondering when will I have more “time for myself” and this year as you can imagine, I had way more time for myself than ever. Actually, it was a mix of two extremes. Anyway, paradoxically, it was one of the loneliest years so far. However, it made re-think and reflect on many different aspects of my life, which I believe was really needed.

But why am I saying all that? Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about all of my projects I was involved in and which I’m really missing now, also writing this blog, but I felt a bit discouraged. Few weeks ago, I spoke to one of my friends and while I was complaining about life, he literally asked me “Why don’t you start writing your blog again?”. I thought that’s actually not a bad idea, because except the remote work, which I actually really enjoy, I still have more spare time than ever, considering everything what’s happening in the world at the moment. Then, a couple of days later, I was on the phone with my favorite French girl – Yana, and we both decided to give a bit more love to our blogs. Finally, today I had my first proper coaching session with lovely Ana and I was talking about it for the whole hour haha ;) I’m feeling so excited and motived now, so I thought that I may as well post something today ;)

I really hope you enjoy this Saturday evening and I wish you a beautiful weekend! I'm going to have a little Zoom hang out with my Bambine from Lisbon in an hour ;)



PS Today I can only smell clementines in my house and it really reminds me about one thing: Christmas. It’s probably a bit weird, but I’ve been already drinking my lemon tea mainly from my favourite Christmas mug for at least two weeks.


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